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Plenty of Skin Showing in Naples

There’s a good reason Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” – the sun shines there almost all year long. In fact, some city newspapers give away free papers the day after any day where the sun doesn’t shine at all.

But I digress. With all that sun and warmth, plenty of people like to get out in nature, and do so in – shall we say – a natural state. Southern Exposure, Edun Lake and Sunsations are but three nudist resorts in Naples that cater to people who love to go “au natural”. In the case of Sunsations, they’re actually headquartered out of Fort Myers (just north of Naples), and they don’t have a local facility. Instead, they arrange trips to nudist resorts in the area, beaches that are nudist-friendly, and parties held in private homes.

On the other hand, Edun Lake is right off of County Road 862 (just west of US 41), nestled between Naples Park on the north and the main section of Naples to the south. It caters to both families and singles, and has some great amenities. You can swim in the pool, hang out near the lake, and go hiking in the woods. The clubhouse also holds pot luck suppers every month; so the place has a very cozy, family flavor to it. The place isn’t very large, which some people like – you don’t get the feeling that the resort is being overrun by a lot of people you don’t know. On the other hand, being a small place means that it can get filled up rather quickly. So, during the holidays and vacation times, plan ahead and get there early.

Given the mild winters in Florida, patrons of these facilities can enjoy various activities throughout the year. There are flotillas to the beaches of Bonita Springs and Marco Island, various members host dinner parties, and groups take boat trips on the Naples Princess (a local travel boat). For some of these excursions, patrons do have to wear clothes, until they reach the final destination.

Another real plus to the nudist resorts in the area is there – relative – isolation, which many patrons prefer. After all, while they’re perfectly at home being nude and being around other like-minded individuals, there are plenty of non-nudists who treat the whole lifestyle as something to either ridicule or indulge their voyeuristic tendencies through. While Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, and the surrounding areas are quite well-developed, they still have vast areas with little or no development. Along some isolated roads, there are stretches of land with literally no signs of human habitation for miles. As a result, nudists can enjoy themselves in complete comfort, privacy and safety, and also know that they are only a few minutes from downtown Naples. This is important in terms of access to police, medical care, and even just having the ability to go into town to shop or see a movie.

If getting back to nature – in the absolute literal sense – is what you crave, check out some of the wonderful nudist colonies in the area.